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Air Deck Inflatable Boat-RBQ350

Inflatable High Pressure Air deck are constructed from a specially designed drop-stitched PVC fabric often referred to as DWF, “Double Wall Fabric”.

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Air Deck Inflatable Boat-RBQ350

Inflatable High Pressure Air deck are constructed from a specially designed drop-stitched PVC fabric often referred to as DWF, “Double Wall Fabric”. DWF is comprised of thousands of interwoven stitches holding both sections of fabric in parallel. Double-wall Fabric can be found stitched in a number of patterns offering a variety of support. What makes Double Wall Fabric, and our High Pressure Air Deck unique is its ability to be inflated with very high air pressure, often to 10PSI or more. The more air pressure that is pumped inside the inflatable air floor, the more stiff and rigid it will become.

Today, Double Wall fabric constructed High Pressure Air deck offer the best flooring solution in inflatable boats. Not only does will this durable fabric offer additional buoyancy to your inflatable boat, but most importantly will help make it much easier to assemble or disassemble compared to standard hard floor. Keel is under high pressure air floorOur High Pressure Air floors simply unroll much like the rest of the boat – insert the deck into your boat and inflate. To deflate your deck, make sure the air floor valve is opened up along with other valves in boat chambers, and as your boat is the remaining air will be allowed to escape.

Another excellent feature of our high pressure air floor is that it allows the boater to keep the overall weight of the boat at a minimum compared to hard floor boats as air floors typically weigh much less than their plywood or aluminum counterparts. It can be really cumbersome for the novice owner of an inflatable boat to assemble many hard plywood or aluminum floor options.. With time it may become easier and can be still be accomplished fairly easily, but still not with the ease and simplicity of an inflatable air floor.

Most inflatable air deck floors can be inserted and easily removed from a deflated boat if needed. Sometimes it makes it easier to carry the boat hull with air floor removed. You can always reinsert it later when boat is inflated.

High pressure air floor pushes keel downThe highest quality inflatable air floors, such as those found on Saturn Inflatable Boat models also come with a plywood board that goes into special pouches on the bottom of the floor. The purpose of that board is to help assist the air floor in pushing the inflatable keel down to help form a V-keel in the bottom of inflatable boat. The added plywood board also helps to keep top surface of air floor relatively flat, compare to air floors without such board. This combination also always for far reduced impact on the riders knees and ankles, as the inflatable air floor will offer an additional layer of cushioning for your riders.

Most inflatable air floors produced today have round openings across the bow area to allow for easy access to the valve located on the keel . This allows for convenient access without disassembling the entire boat.

Plywood board on a back of air floor for inflatable boatAlthough our inflatable high pressure air floors are comprised of a tough and durable PVC Double Wall fabric it is still possible to puncture it if a sharp or jagged object is pressed hard enough against its surface. For Example, the sharp fins of certain fish, along with hooks, knives or anything similar is dropped on the floor it could potentially puncture. For this reason we advise all owners who have inflatable boats equipped with a high pressure air floor to source in most cases either carpet or vinyl flooring from your local Home Depot, Lowes, Etc that can be kept permanently inside their vessel, rolling it up when deflating the floor. This extra layer of protection offers much peace of mind and will allow you to maximize the full enjoyment of your inflatable and air floor.

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