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XG-STAR XG-STAR aluminum bottom inflatable boat comfort product introduction

XG-STAR XG-STAR aluminum bottom inflatable boat series design concept: sturdy, light weight, practical, comfortable and beautiful.

  If you are looking for lightweight, rugged, spacious and comfortable, full-featured boats, the XG-STAR series of aluminum-bottomed boats will be your best choice.

Available in seven different sizes, the range is available in two versions:

Comfort AB300/330/360/390/420/470- Model with double deck hull.

Has a V-shaped bottom and a flat deck as well as a deck under drain design.

•The durable aluminum casing is made of 3 mm thick powder coated marine aluminum and the pontoon is made of imported PVC mesh.

•Achieve greater weight savings than the equivalent FRP sump, which means you have the same horsepower engine, which gives you impressive performance and excellent payload capacity.

•High quality configuration and luxurious appearance prove the fact that this series does provide the perfect design for the user.

•This series is suitable for water rescue operations, water recreation, speed racing and other fields.

The optional front-end control system for the aluminum-bottomed inflatable boat is sufficient for a comfortable driving experience.  



image.pngHigh-strength anti-corrosion coating aluminum alloy bottom case

image.pngLockable bow locker (can be fitted with 12-24L fuel tank)

image.pngDouble deckAnti-slip treatment

image.pngV-bottom case

image.pngIntegrated beam brackets are robust and stable (dual deck series)

image.pngLong bone protection


image.pngThermal fusion process buoyancy airbag

image.pngEmbedded inflatable valve

image.pngOuter bumper

image.pngReinforcement of the hull accessories

Other configuration

image.pngRemovable aluminum seat   

image.png4 integrated lifting points

image.png1 towing traction device

image.pngBoat bow type grip handle

image.pngHard lift handle

image.pngDrain valve

image.pngPaddle fixing device

image.pngFoot pump, paddle, repair kit, manual


Second,Optional device

image.pngORCA®Hypalon Material float

image.pngPortable trailer wheel

image.pngFront operating console, seat (for double deck series)

image.pngFolding seat

image.pngWaterproof storage bag

image.pngYacht trailer




四、Hull and decorative color


Float: light gray      Float: white      Float: black

Decoration: dark gray      Decoration: dark gray    Decoration: dark gray          


Custom made color that can be proceed according to the special order. Inquiry Quotation and usage

Appearance picture

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